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Best Electric Shavers in 2017

Way back in 1928 Colonel Jacob Schick patented the very first electric shaver. This original electric shaver did not work very well of course, was a bit bulky, and had an annoying cord that had to remain plugged in to the wall. However, here the vision was introduced: the idea for an electric shaver that would be superior to the old time-worn manual razors. The vision, back then, fell short of its mark, but many were excited to one day be able to use an electric shaver and be able to throw away forever their old manual razors.

Well, time has passed, and with the technological advancements over the years we are finally in a position where electric shavers are not only able to rival manual razors in terms of quality of shave, comfort, etc., but indeed these days many consider electric shavers to be superior to their manual counterparts.

While many thus prefer electric shavers these days, people are faced with the dilemma of which shaver to purchase. For it is difficult to navigate here. With so many different brands, so many different models, and so many different specifications, it is easy for the consumer to get lost. However we are here to help guide you through all of this information, so that you will be able to choose the best electric shaver for your purposes. So, no matter if you are a man or woman, and are in the market for a face shaver, head shaver, body groomer, or even pet clipper, we have got you covered.

Best electric shaver brands

When entering into the market for electric shavers, you will be immediately faced with a plethora of different brands all competing for your purchase. It will seem a difficult task to narrow down your options here. For, it will be near impossible to know who to trust since all of the various companies will be making outrageous claims in their ad campaigns. How, then, does one know who to trust? This is where our review comes in. The first step in narrowing down your options is to understand those brands which truly do make the best quality shavers. We have pared the options down to what we consider to be the top five brands: Wahl, Remington, Panasonic, Philips Norelco, and Braun. In general, this list is organized from the more budget friendly brands to the more expensive, high-end brands.


Wahl is an American brand that offers great budget electric shavers with all around good quality. If you want evidence that Wahl makes a quality product, just go to your local barber and you will most likely find them using Wahls. Wahl shavers are known not only for their budget friendly cost, but also for their coated hypoallergenic foils. These foils are designed to provide antimicrobial protection against bacteria, so for any out there who commonly get skin irritation or redness from electric shavers, this option will be good for you. Now, while Wahl makes a good budget product, the flip side of this is that their products are often made with plastic bodies rather than aluminum or metal. This is a fair trade off for those looking for a low sticker price. Overall, if you are looking to save some cash, and yet want a trusted electric shaver, Wahl will be the one to consider.


Of all the brands on our list, Remington has the richest history when it comes to electric shavers. For they were one of the first to offer cordless shavers with recharging systems, and several years ago they were thought to be the best brand that money could buy. Things have changed a bit these days, and now they are considered to be great for budget-range shavers. Indeed Remington offers tons of models in the entry level to mid-range level, and they all have great value to cost ratio. Being localized more in the entry level market, Remingtons worth considering will not have the high-end functions you will find on more expensive Philips Norelcos and Brauns, but they will have an affordable price tag. Indeed Remington offers some of the most popular budget electric shavers on the market. In general, if you want a brand that has a rich history in electric shavers, and yet are also looking for low to mid-range prices, Remington will be a good choice for you.


Panasonic is a Japanese product, and the features on their electric shavers are those you would expect to be coming from Japan. For example, Panasonic shavers are normally considered to have the best selection of wet and dry models. If an electric shaver has the ‘wet and dry’ function, this means that the shaver can be used while water is on the face, can even be rinsed in water, or can be used with no water present. Thus if you like using your electric shaver in the shower, as they like to do in Japan, then Panasonic may be right for you. Other brands on this list, such as Braun, tend to offer the wet and dry function only in their more expensive models, whereas this function is one of the main priorities for Panasonic, and they tend to offer them on most of their models. Thus no matter if you are looking for a budget shaver or a high-end one, Panasonic has you covered if you want to shave in the shower.

Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco produces some of the best higher-end electric shavers. In particular, this company prefers to make their shavers with the ‘rotary’ function rather than with the ‘foil’ function. Because of this focus, Philips Norelco is the king if you are in the market for a rotary shaver. In general, rotary shavers have multiple rotating heads which lift the hair up and cut it inside the disk. This type of shaver is generally better for those with thick hair growing in multiple directions. Foil shavers, on the other hand, have a layer of foil over the blades which lifts the hair up and at the same time limits the contact of the blade to the skin. Generally, foil shavers are nicer on the skin, yet are only ideal for those whose hair is a bit thin and grows straight. Thus if you have thicker, uneven hair, and are looking for a high quality rotary electric shaver, you should probably consider a Philips Norelco.


We consider Braun to make the best all-around quality electric shavers, and the high price point on these reflects this great quality. Indeed, Braun takes the cake for the highest-end, most expensive electric shaver – which comes in at half a thousand dollars. Now, you don’t need to go this high when purchasing a Braun, for they also make low and mid-range shavers. However, in general, they not only have the highest-quality components stocked in their shavers, but they also go for the high-end look in each of their models. They often offer a shiny chrome design on their electric shavers to match their high quality components. Being at the high-end of the spectrum, you can also expect Braun products to have all of the options that you might want – such as wet and dry models, as well as rotary and foil functions. Overall, if you want the best quality products, and are willing to shell out the extra cash, Braun will deliver a high quality, good looking shaver.

How to choose the electric shaver right for you

Now that we have narrowed down your options by highlighting what we consider to be the top five brands for electric shavers, you are better positioned to make a good choice. However, we now need to delve a bit deeper, and consider various options to ensure that you will pick the perfect electric shaver for your individual needs. First of all, depending on if you are a man or a woman, you will naturally want to consider different products. Next, we will consider various other categories, such as the best wet and dry shavers and the best shavers for sensitive skin. We also need to think about different areas of the body that need to be treated – in this regard we will consider the best head and back shavers, as well as the best for body grooming and nose trimming. Finally, we can’t forget about man’s best friend, and thus we will also consider the best electric clippers for pets.

Best electric shaver for men

One of the most common types of electric shavers consumers buy are those that treat the beards of men. These days, electric shavers are often considered superior to the traditional razor in many key areas, especially concerning how quick and easy a shave they can produce. However, when you decide to go electric to free yourself of the hassle of the old razors, and come to the market to make your purchase, you are faced with a myriad of different options and models. Do you want two, three, four or five blades? Do you want the wet and dry technology? Should you go with the foil or rotary technology? These and so many more options confront the consumer. To choose the right electric shaver, you need to not only understand these various technologies, but more importantly, you need to know which technology you will need based on your specific facial hair, skin type, and preference. In this list we will spell out these options for you, and will let you know what shaver best suits you.

Best electric shavers for women

While men are faced with an abundance of brands and options in technology to choose from when they look to buy an electric shaver, it is no easier for women. In fact they may be bombarded by more options to choose from. For unwanted hair on the body – such as on the legs, underarms, and bikini area – needs to be dealt with, and yet precisely how to get rid of this unwanted hair is not the simplest thing in the world. While there are the options of waxing, laser hair removal, the traditional razor and more, the most convenient method for women will be, like men, the electric shaver. However, choosing the best electric shaver will not be the easiest task. On the market there are a variety of different brands and options to choose from. Of course there are the standard questions: do you want the wet and dry technology, and do you want the foil or rotary option? But beyond this, there are more options: do you want a different shaver for each of your needs (legs, underarms, bikini), or would you prefer a be-all end-all device that can treat them all? Take a look at our list to help guide you through your options here.

Best wet & dry electric shaver

Those who like to keep their options open will want to consider getting a wet and dry electric shaver. As the name implies, this technology allows you to shave ‘wet’ with water, gel or cream, or, on the other hand, allows to you shave ‘dry’ without any of these. Traditionally, electric shavers were only ‘dry’, and to this day the cheaper models tend to only have this option. However, if you are willing to pay a bit more for the ‘wet’ option as well, this will open up several doors for you. Not only will you be able to achieve a quick dry shave on the go, but you will also have the option of either using gel on your skin while shaving to avoid irritation, or bringing your shaver into the shower or bathtub to save time in your morning routine. In this list we will run you through your various options here, letting you know the price differences so that you can decide for yourself which option is best.

Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

One of the most common concerns people have when buying an electric shaver is whether it will cause any discomfort to their skin. This concern is especially important for those of us with sensitive skin. Indeed one of the main reasons people switch over from razors to electric shavers is the promise that the latter will provide a comfortable, irritation-free shave. To make sure that your electric shaver is indeed ideal for sensitive skin, there a few aspects that you are going to want on your shaver. For example, you are going to want sharp blades and a fast motor so that it will cut the hair without tugging. You are also going to want a shaving head that stays cool, as well as the option of wet and dry technology. We will run you through these aspects, and many more, in our below list, to make sure you get a close shave without any irritation.

Best electric head shaver

There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to completely shave their hair off their head. For instance, men becoming bald might opt for the clean cut look, those going grey might also prefer the style, and various athletes, such as swimmers, may choose to shave it all off. Whatever your reason may be, shaving your head properly will require the right tool, and the old razor and shaving cream is a disaster waiting to happen. We suggest you do not risk damaging that precious skull by bringing a sharp blade to areas you cannot even see. In this day in age, there are electric shavers designed specifically for shaving the head, yet even here there are a wide variety of brands and options to choose from. You are going to want to consider whether you want your hair completely shaved or just buzzed, whether you want a stand-alone shaver just for your head, and various other options. Our list below will run you through the various options here and present what we consider the best electric head shavers.

Best electric back shaver

Removing back hair is particularly tricky problem. Indeed, it is so tricky that, traditionally, those who wanted to remove this hair were forced to either go to a professional salon, or ask their loved one to do the dirty work. Neither of these options are ideal, and indeed, what is worse is that both of these options required one to use a razor, resulting in cuts and irritation all over the back. These days companies make electric shavers intended to be used on the back, making the process much easier and less painful. But here too you need to consider various options. Do you want a shaver specifically for your back, or do you want an all-around shaver to use on your whole body? The benefit of the latter is that companies make back shavers with extensions so that you can shave your back yourself. In this list we will go through the best electric back shavers, so that you can save yourself some time and pain.

Best electric body groomer

Whereas many women have been shaving their bodies for quite some time, it is something of a new trend for men to shave or groom their bodies. So-called ‘manscaping’ is indeed a hot new trend, and you will often find men these days who groom or shave their chest, back, legs and groin area. While many prefer an electric shaver over a traditional razor for shaving the face, the same holds true with the rest of the body. Indeed it would be quite a hassle to shave one’s whole body with a razor, not to mention a bit painful as well. Accordingly, as there is demand, companies have begun producing a variety of different electric shavers for this body grooming. We are here to guide you through the various options. So no matter if you want a close shave on your body or just a trim, take a look at our list below to choose the best electric body groomer.

Best electric nose and ear hair trimmer

It is a common cliché – the old man with hair growing out of his nose and ears. This, however, is an accurate representation, for the older men become, the more common it is for them to grow hair in these regions. Therefore, nose and ear hair is a sign that youth is being lost and old age is setting in. It is no surprise that many men want to eradicate these hairs as soon as they show up, and keep them away from view forever, to maintain their youthful look. The old method of taking up tweezers, and plucking one by one, is a notoriously painful and difficult process. Thankfully, companies have begun making electric trimmers for your nose and ears so that taking care of the problem is a breeze. Check out our guide below so that you will be able to keep those pesky hairs out of view, without going through any difficult or painful process.

Best electric pet clippers

When it comes to electric shavers, we naturally think of the grooming of men and women. However, let us not overlook the fact that our pets – dogs, cats, horses, etc. – also have a lovely mane that needs to be taken care of. Indeed, there is now a market for such shavers, and companies in this business are competing for your hard earned cash. There are a number of options that you will want to consider in order to make the choice best suited for your pet. Besides the brand name you are also going to want to consider whether you need a single or variable speed option, what weight and size product you will want, what type of blades you will need, and what length of comb guards will be right for your pet. All of these aspects need to match up with your particular pet, and in our list below we will help you make the decision best suited for your furry friend.


We have come a long way since 1928 when the very first electric shaver was patented. The first model of this shaver was bulky, corded, and did not work very well. These days, however, things have changed and not only can we find light weight, cordless shavers that produce a great shave, but the market is actually flooded with an over-abundance of these devices.

We are here to help you sort through the plethora of options so that you will be informed enough to make the best decision for your particular needs. In our lists we highlight what we consider to be the best electric shavers for each particular job, and we will present all options from the low-end to the high-end. Whether you are a man or woman, and no matter if you are looking to shave your face or body, or groom your nose or ears, we will help you find the electric shaver best for you.